The JUEL of Ontario is an independent Provincial League, providing opportunities for Players throughout the entire Province. It’s taken six years to establish strong Franchises in all areas of the Province. Ideally no player will travel longer than one hour to their practices. This will allow them time to focus on their education as well as personal life away from basketball. We believe that displacing young women at a young age will have negative impacts on their personal growth. As well as adding financial burdens on the family, moneys that could be put towards their College or University education. Our model and its successes have now become the foundation of other upstart leagues throughout Canada.

JUEL is inclusive of all Players because we provide opportunities for everyone exclusive of their financial status. We want the best players to play in our league, not just a selected few who can afford it.


JUEL Prep was created to provide opportunities for Players to develop and transition into JUEL.

Part of the initial plan for JUEL was to allow all of our players the opportunity to attend and play at their local High School during each fall, these are said to be the "best years of your life". With this in mind Basketball doesn't become the only focus on a young women's life, they still get the opportunity to be with their non-basketball friends and close to their families helping them become well-rounded. The Women's game is fortunate that the majority of players are able to excel on the court as well as in the classroom; this is why Regional teams are so successful. They provide the opportunity for each player to represent their Region as part of a stronger group while staying at home.

Players generally want strong Coaching, develop their game so they're ready to step into a role at the next level, practice and compete against the best and give themselves the best exposure. JUEL has provided this since our first game and will continue to do so for a long time. Although we would love to see 12 Players from Ontario play on the National Team at the same time, the reality is that very few will ever make it. We’ve always supported JUEL and JUEL Prep Players who are selected to represent Team Ontario, but there are only 24 spots available annually.


In Ontario alone there are 17 OUA and 18 OCAA Schools competing in Women’s Basketball, if each roster contains 12 Players then there are 420 spots available annually. The OUA and OCAA must be our priority, this is why JUEL has worked hard to establish strong relationships and stressed the importance of our Players playing on their courts. Not only would the Players have an opportunity to play College or University basketball, they will receive a great education in preparation for their lives after basketball.


Over the past six years JUEL has worked with several OCAA and OUA schools in an effort to have our players play on College and University Courts. OCAA and OUA Coaches act as mentors to many of our teams during the season and assist in team selection during tryouts. JUEL has always provided direct access to all of our Players so they can make the best decision in selecting a school that will give them the greatest opportunity for education and basketball success.


The facts are clear; Players looking to play at the next level are using JUEL as their vehicle. Regular practices with and against the best players in their Region along with games against the best players in the Province have proven to be a recipe for success. JUEL's relationship with the NCAA, CIS and OCAA, has provided our Players with the best exposure and opportunities for Basketball and Academic choices.


Building on the work that has been done to-date, JUEL has met with the OUA Coaches in an effort to create the “JUEL/OUA Coaches Committee”. The Committee will look after basketball rules that will help our Players make an easier transition to the next level.


Graduates aren't just succeeding on the court, but off the court as well. Every year Players submit, are evaluated and winners are selected for the Dunbar Medical Community Service and Molten All-Academic Awards. The Awards are part of our annual Banquet where we honour all of the hard work done during the season.


Beginning with our first game on December 11, 2010 Therapists have been on site for injury prevention and treatment. This is a service that all of our Players should have access to every game. Dunbar Medical will continue to provide supplies and starting in 2017 Dr. Karen Chrobak (Sportside Medical Services) will come on board as JUEL’s Therapist’s Coordinator. With the help of generated past revenues all Therapists will be Certified professionals. Currently some of our teams conduct Concussion baseline testing on their own, JUEL also provides this service all of our teams.


One of JUEL’s main focuses from the beginning has been to provide as many services for the best value. We understand there are financial burdens on families so allocating funds in the right areas is very important. JUEL has operated on a shoe string budget for years as we’re non-for-profit, but this past season we’ve begun to generate some funds to put back into the league. We aren’t collecting money today to pay off past debts. We’ve worked within our means, built the organization and now are starting to see some progress. The cost to play in JUEL is roughly $550 per player; add uniforms, practice time, travel expenses, training and that number could jump to $2,000 per player which is very competitive for the services they receive.


JUEL has partnered with Crown Girls Scouting Service and A-Game Basketball Association to provide more exposure and opportunities for all of our players. Included in the partnerships are the promotion and distribution of Recruiting Guides, NCAA Exposure Event in September 2016, Montreal tune up Tournament in December 2016 and summer 2017 travel teams.

  • Recruiting Guide sales include free access to all JUEL and JUEL Prep games online. Profits from all sales will go towards providing more services for our Players.
  • NCAA Exposure Event – Crown has established relationships with many NCAA Schools and has proven they can attract the top Coaches to their events.
  • Montreal Tune up Tournament – This is one of the best early tournaments to attend, strong competition in preparation for the JUEL/JUEL Prep season.
  • Summer Travel Teams – Players looking to travel south during the summer can do so, playing at some of the top events against strong competition.

Players generally want strong Coaching, develop their game so they're ready to step into a role at the next level, practice and compete against the best and give themselves the best exposure. JUEL has provided this since our first game and will continue to do so for a long time. 

The 2017 season includes 12 JUEL and 12 JUEL Prep Franchises, each team playing 22 regular season 40 minute games. The Schedule allows teams the opportunity to travel to the US during the first NCAA April viewing period (the second will be host by JUEL).

2017 JUEL/JUEL Prep Weekends

  • January 14-15
  • February 4-5
  • February 18-19
  • March 4-5
  • March 25-26
  • April 8-9
  • April 28-30 (NCAA Sanctioned Weekend)
  • May 12-14 - League Tournament - Windsor
  • May 27 - JUEL/JUEL Prep All-Star Games


2017 Holidays/Important dates

  • January 1 - New Year's Day
  • February 20 - Family Day
  • March 13-16 - March Break
  • April 17 - Easter
  • April 21-23 - NCAA Spring Live Period
  • May 14 - Mother's Day
  • May 22 - Victoria Day



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